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Holistic Nature of Us: Holistic Solutions living, nature

Oct 2, 2018

Yogis teach us to be grateful for our breath of life. Without our breath, we do not exist. 

My guest this week, Lois Grasso, explains how we tend to stuff our emotions, especially as children. She encourages us to breathe with intention, pay attention to our breath. After all, its the most essential element to keeping us alive. But did you know breathing with intention can relieve us of anxiety and other emotions that perhaps we kept hidden or inside? 

Lois Grass, aka Mimi Stevens, is the author of a children's book, Maven's Magic Buttons. She wrote the book to teach children to use EFT tapping to handle emotional stuff they may be too young to understand.

I hope you will join us for an enlighting discussion about two effective modalities.