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Holistic Nature of Us: Holistic Solutions living, nature

Oct 23, 2018

Healthy soils support healthy plants, create nutrient-dense foods, help create better health. It all begins with the soil.

My guest this week, Nigel Palmer, is a soil consultant and teaches sustainable and regenerative soil practices with the Institute of Sustainable Nutrition, TIOSN, here in North CT. What's good for...

Oct 9, 2018

Ayurveda is the "science of Life". Recognized by the World Health Organization as a legitimate medical model, Ayurveda offers a healing system based on observations of our natural world. How can we use, understand, and apply this healing system in our everyday life? My guest this week, Rev. Janet Pagan is an Ayurvedic...

Oct 2, 2018

Yogis teach us to be grateful for our breath of life. Without our breath, we do not exist. 

My guest this week, Lois Grasso, explains how we tend to stuff our emotions, especially as children. She encourages us to breathe with intention, pay attention to our breath. After all, its the most essential element to keeping...